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What is Cinematic FPV drone footage?

FPV drones have been used for a number of purposes given the flexibility of different setups that these machine allow. While some small drones can be used for indoors and proximity filming, other larger drones are ideal for chasing moving objects and reach high peaks to surf and dive mountains.

For vehicle chases, FPV drones offer a unique perspective that can be used to capture the action close to the driver point of view. This can be especially helpful in cases where a chase scene needs to be filmed from multiple angles. Diving mountains is another popular use for FPV drones. By flying a drone close to a mountain, it is possible to capture stunning footage of the landscape that would be difficult or impossible to obtain any other way.

Ever happened to watch a video commercial where some camera angles seemed to be too real for CGI? Even with the highest digital technology, some scenes do not reach the same level that real events filmed with FPV drones can offer.

FPV drone filming is a term used for a type of aerial videography that uses a First Person View (FPV) camera to film from a drone. This gives the viewer a pilot's-eye view of the action, which can create more realistic, immersive and exciting footage difficult to get otherwise. Together with the pilot skills, it's possible to reach speeds over 100mph and surf mountain crests just few meters above the ground - or lower!

What are the benefits of using FPV drones?

There are a few reasons you might want to use this type of filming. It can help you to get great shots that would be difficult to get with traditional cameras or traditional GPS drones, such as the well-known DJI Mavic series. Additionally, it would let your videos stand out and get that "wow" effect to impress your viewers.

As the average attention span of online viewers is about 10 seconds per video, it is essential to retain their attention until the end of your clip. FPV drone shots are the most effective way to achieve this, as highly differ from the usual filming perspectives.

Don't let your potential viewers go, and catch their attention with a new and unique experience that will leave a lasting impression, something extremely valuable in today's media landscape where content is consumed at an increasing rate.

Where to adopt fast FPV drones?

FPV drones can be used in any industry and sector to capture incredible footage and create something unique for your viewers. In case of larger FPV drones, these can be only used outdoors as this is where they can be used at the best. With high speeds of 100mph, long-distance range and fast turns, these drones are ideal for chasing moving objects and reaching heights - while still providing high-quality footage.

Mountain Surfing and Diving

5" or 7" size? These FPV drones are ideal for surfing hills, mountains & everything else! Create that perfect nature shot otherwise impossible to get with traditional tools. Let us help you flow with the essence of your project by capturing some amazing aerial footage from our lightweight yet durable models - they're ready when called upon whether is your desired location.

Chasing Objects

FPV drone services can be used for a variety of purposes, including chasing cars or boats. Larger drones are also ideal for this purpose, as they can reach speeds and accelerations that smaller drones cannot. This makes them the perfect choice for capturing high-quality footage of fast-moving objects.

Chasing Unusual Objects

Who said that you can only create fantastic shots with regular moving objects such as cars, boats or other vehicles? Sky is the limit and so the objects. Here's an example of unusual objects other FPV drone pilots used in their filming process, such as a golf ball. What do you want us to chase for your project?

Can I achieve the same results with traditional drones?

The key difference between FPV drones and traditional drones is the immersive first-person point of view that gives the pilot which allows to operate with extreme precision to achieve those incredible shots. Even if some of the DJI Mavic Series can reach 40mph, this is not enough to create such incredible flights and footage

Will FPV Drone footage grow my business?

While there is not definitive answer to this question, it's certain that FPV cinematic drone filming can help to improve the quality of your videos and give your business a competitive edge. With smooth turns and wide field of view, FPV drone footage will add a professional touch to your content and capture your viewer's attention for the full span of your clip.

If you're looking to add a new dimension to your filmmaking, then FPV Cinematic drone filming is definitely something you should consider.
Incorporate innovative video perspectives into your projects to get the "wow" effect.
FPV drones can reach speeds over 100mph to capture the motion you need in your project.
Retain your viewer's attention from the first seconds to the very end of the clip.
FPV drones can fly indoors and outdoors, and are suitable for any industry and sector.
Experienced and qualified FPV drone operator to get your video project to the next level.

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How do we FILM THAT?

Wondering how does it look like when we fly a drone indoors? Take a look at the video of our micro FPV drone flying inside an A-listed building in Scotland, which shows a back to back comparison between the drone point of view and the final footage of the project.

We'll take you high above the ground, through buildings and windows, and over spectacular landscapes to leave your viewers asking 'how did they film that?'. Our wide range of FPV drones will provide fluid and dynamic shots in different scenarios across several industries. Check out our recent projects here.


Cinematic FPV videos are characterised by smooth and slow turns, to create a final result that attracts viewers' attention.
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Proximity flying allows close up shots to be taken next to soft and hard targets thanks to extremely small FPV drones in all safety.
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indoor tour drones


With fully covered propellers, small drones are perfect to showcase properties and venues in an immersive virtual way, without any risk of damage to the surroundings.
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Speed & Chasing

Larger FPV drones allow to reach speeds over 100mph and fly in difficult environments characterised by high winds.
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Full Speed

Our larger FPV racing drones can create high speed acrobatic footage to provide unique and creative angles for your concept. Freestyle drones are made of resistant carbon fibre and car reach over 100mph with instant torque speed. These drones can dive mountains and buildings, are ideal for larger outdoor areas and for chasing moving objects.

Bumpers and Proximity

Our micro FPV drones weight less than 250 grams, including HD quality camera and protective bumpers for safe flights near soft targets and in narrow spaces. These drones allow high precision when hitting small gaps and doing indoor tours.

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