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FPV Filming is a Scotland based and CAA approved aerial business that specialises in creating engaging content from FPV perspectives. Our services are perfect for creating breathtaking videos that are impossible to capture with traditional drones. FPV Drone Aerial Services are applicable to any industry, and our fleet will cover any request you might have for your perfect shot.

Creative Perspectives

FPV Drones can hit small gaps, get the "how did they do it" effect, and let you explore new filming angles to reach new heights in your content creation.

Highest Engagement

Grab your audience's attention with dynamic shots that will have them hooked till the end. FPV creates a powerful story for you to tell and convert your prospects!

Suitable for any industry

We will create the money shot for your next project in any industry you operate, either it's an event, real estate or hospitality.

Not only shots

We can take care of all your video needs to reach more prospects on any platform, by adding engaging titles, logos, SFX and VFX.


Our indoors services allow to fly micro FPV drones indoors to create dynamic virtual tours, perform close shots in proximity to individuals and soft targets, and create seamless transitions that will go unnoticed. Micro FPV drones weight just 200 grams and allow video recording up to 5K.

Max Speed: 40mph
Weight: 230g
Range: 1.2 miles


Micro FPV drones weight just 200g and allow proximity flying close to individuals and soft targets thanks to protective soft bumper, which minimise risk of harm or damage. These are ideal for any type of shot, either it's indoor action, or a modelling event, or just a precious car collection.
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indoor tour drones

Virtual Tours

The newest and most dynamic way to engage with your audience to capture virtual tours of your facilities, either it's an office space, a new home or an art exhibition. Thanks to our small cinewhoops, we can safely create exciting and highly engaging virtual tours both inside and out, in one single take or multiple takes.
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Create a story to tell to your potential customers with engaging fly-through in your bar, restaurant or hotel. Micro FPV drones can fly from inside to outside, showcasing the best parts of your business such as a swimming pool in the front side, straight to the hotel room passing through the window.
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FPV Drones are ideal for showcasing your event venue to attract new potential prospects. Micro FPV drones can fly through small gaps, and focus on particular details and decorations that characterise your unique space.
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FPV drones provide an excellent way to capture footage of outdoor spaces, creating beautiful and cinematic videos of nature in all its glory. They are capable of reaching speeds of 100mph, flying up to 3-5 miles away, and handling difficult weather conditions. Are you ready to step up your video creations with highly dynamic shots and unique perspectives?

Max Speed: 100mph
Weight: 850g
Flight time: 5-7 min


FPV drones offer the perfect solution for capturing any kind of action outdoors. They are your eyes in the sky, for a unique perspective that immerses viewers in an experience like no other, making it ideal for video projects — from product commercials and documentary films. 
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FPV aerial services are the ultimate way to experience nature from an entirely new perspective. From long-range flying to mountain diving, FPV drones give you an opportunity to really feel the freedom of being outdoors and explore wild places with a bird's eye view.
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FPV Drone Sports


Using aerial footage for sports has become a necessary tool for professional athletes and hobbyists alike. With FPV drone services, you can take your sports activity and brand to the next level. We will capture breathtaking aerial views for your perfect advertisement spot. Our drones are agile and maneuverable, and safe to use around people.
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Car Chasing

For aerial filming projects requiring speed, exploration and high-octane cinematography, FPV drone services are the perfect solution! Get your car chasing commercials and other outdoor projects on track with our cutting edge aerial video solutions. Our drones are built for agility and stability with top-of-the line gear.
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Cinelifters for high-end fpv productions

When main priority is dynamic range, high image quality and low light performance, we provide custom built FPV drones with light-weight filming cameras such as Blackmagic 6K, an industry standard in high-end video productions. Without compromising on weight and agility, we are able to film in ProRes and 12-bit BRAW both indoors and outdoors - with fully stabilised footage.

Indoors and Outdoors flights
Camera: BMPCC 6K - ProRes or 12-bit BRAW
Range: 2 miles

latest technology for results that STAND OUT

latest technology for results that 

Glasgow based

FPV technology is constantly evolving and advancing, making previous tech obsolete just after a year time. Having the benefit of building our drones in-house, allows us to use the latest components and technology to offer the top-quality service to our customers. Our large FPV drones fleet allows us to perform your shot in any area and weather condition, giving you a prime seat as director to keep track of what's going on in our video goggles.

FPV Goggle Transmission
We use FPV goggles to transmit the video feed from the drone to the pilot, all with extremely low latency to provide full control of the drone.
Full Control Mode
Our drones do not have stabilisation systems, therefore our skilled operators have full control of the quadcopter to perform incredible shots.
Highest Quality
We use the top quality cameras available on the market, and customise them to provide the best performance within the minimum weight.
with us


We will work closely with you to to bring your concept to reality, as well as discuss other potential opportunities that could enrich your content.
Listen to your concept and shape your vision
Explore locations and evaluate opportunities
Complete required risk assessment if any


We will brief and coordinate every involved individual in the shot, ensuring maximum safety with qualified FPV pilots while providing you live video feed so that you can watch and coordinate the action in real time.
Coordinate involved team
Provide live video feed for live coordination
Competent pilot and spotter


Your video will be stabilised with specific drone software to provide butter-smooth footage. You can also request post-production effects and resolutions, so you don't have worry about adding them yourself.
Video footage stabilisation
Colour correction, Sound & Video FX, titles, pointers
Every platform resolution edits

We Fly by the Book

At FPV Filming, we adhere to the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and have public liability insurance up to £1m. This ensures that our clients can trust us to deliver a reliable and safe service, no matter what the project entails. We take our responsibility as a drone service provider seriously, and our team is fully trained in how to operate our equipment safely, efficiently and legally.
Approved Drone Operators
Public Liability Insurance
Licensed and Located

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We hold £1m Specialist Drone Insurance Cover EC 785/2004. We are CAA approved for commercial work in the UK Airspace.
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